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This could be you!
This could more realistically be you - come on our training trips!
Banff Mountain Film Festival March 27th in Beckman Auditorium! Get your Tickets!
"Social Climbing," the new hotness of extreme alpinism!

Alpine Club Pre-Banff GUSH 2012

Unwind at the end of the quarter, enjoy your favourite beverages, try out the slackline, watch some movies, and (if you're not too scared of PT) try to win the pull-up contest!

We will give away some FREE tickets to the upcoming Banff Film Festival on March 27th, and will have some more on hand to sell (only $5 for students!) .


  • When: Friday, March 9th, 2012, from 6-10pm
  • Where: North Catalinas Rec Room
  • What: Drinks, snacks, slackline, pull-up contest, and some sweet movies. Prizes will be free tickets to Banff!
  • Who: Hosted by the Caltech Alpine Club and the Graduate Student Council

<googlemap version="0.9" lat="34.140296" lon="-118.127693" type="map" zoom="17" width="500" height="300"> 34.140387, -118.128962 The Party! </googlemap>

About the Alpine Club

We are one of the most active clubs on campus, providing resources and events for all kinds of outdoor endeavors from rock climbing to mountaineering to backcountry skiing and beyond. We host slideshows from current luminaries, host film festivals, organize trips, arrange first aid and avalanche training, maintain the beloved bouldering cave in Brown Gym, maintain a large library of guidebooks and other literature (as well as films) in SFL, maintain a stockpile of free-to-borrow equipment (in cooperation with the awesome Caltech Y), have a large Email List, and much more! Membership is as simple as joining the email list and getting involved however you like - we look forward to meeting you!