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This event is generously sponsored by funding from the Caltech Alumni Association.
The Fine Line: Wanna find out what he's doing with that dynamite?

The Fine Line: An Avalanche Awareness Film

brought to you by the Rocky Mountain Sherpas

Hey Snow Fiends! Let's gather round, watch an artsy fartsy ski/avalanche film, eat (pizza?), drink, and be merry!

The Rocky Mountain Sherpas are a young group of skiers and cinematographers working together to make some amazing films out of BC and Alberta, Canada. They have turned lots of heads recently at the Banff Mountain FIlm Festival and elsewhere in the world. Their take on avalanche awareness is a fresh one, combining amazing and innovative footage of avalanches, stories from skiers and guides who live/work in the conditions we face when we're playing in the snow, and a practical attitude toward balancing risk and fun in the backcountry. Their film is called "The Fine Line."

As a preview for the avalanche course coming up, and as a general "pre"-season refresher, we will be showing this film and playing around (or familiarizing...) with our beepers so that we don't all look like total dweebs when we show up in Bishop in a few weeks. We will go over lots of highly technical beacon skills like: how to turn it on, and how to check the batteries, among others... :) If everyone feels ready for it, we may even hide a few beacons and do a few single or multiple burial scenarios to get the rust outta the cogs. If you have a beacon from home, please bring it so that you can get used to using it.


  • Tuesday Jan 11
  • 7:30pm
  • We'll probably eat and show the film first, then mess around with the beacons afterwards. Since we'll order food and beverages for this one, please RSVP and write your preferences below.


Name (I eat ______, I drink ______)

  • Nick (anything, beer)
  • PT (momos, chai)
  • Erik [anything (especially veggies), beer]
  • Patrick (Veggish stuff,very quickly)
  • Morgan (veggie pizza and/or burrito(s), IPA)
  • Lutz (will have already eaten, Bourbon)
  • Ian (anything, beer)
  • Seb (swore not to eat pizza anymore, anything alcoholic)
  • Ben (Kosher stuff, no sugary liquid)
  • Nate (already eaten, beer!) Let me know if I can bring something.

Suggestions for cheap food that is not pizza are totally welcome! We also have a facebook event page where some RSVPs are.


Post 'em here or contact Nick for more info!