Favorite SoCal Hikes

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This page covers favorite hikes in SoCal (e.g. Mount Baldy, San Jacinto Peak, Mount San Gorgonio), but not hikes that start within about 10 miles of Pasadena (for those extremely local hikes, please add to the Favorite Local Hikes page).

The Alpine Club wiki is not like wikipedia: we do allow opinions here. So don't feel shy about adding your favorite hikes (and if you can add a few sentences about why the hike is good, that's even better). San Antonio Ridge. There are a number of ways to do this, depending on your fitness...I think Manker flats to Iron Mountain back to Manker flats is the nicest, as it avoids the long, hot, steep climb up the south side of Iron Mountain, and does not require a car shuttle. Start from Manker flats, summit Baldy by your choice of routes. Continue over West Baldy and down the long San Antonio Ridge ~4 miles to Iron Mountain. There are a few short class 3 sections in, and just beyond the low point of the ridge (Gunsight Notch). These look scarier than they actually are. Roughly 16 miles, 8000 vertical feet.