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  • Bouldering around Bishop, Dec. 9th - 11th
8 people came and bouldered and soaked in the hot springs
  • Movie night, Thur Dec. 7th 8 PM
Watching The Eiger Sanction (1975, rated R) starring Clint Eastwood. Drinks will be provided. 8 PM, South Catalinas Rec Room.
  • Midnight climbing, Malibu Creek, Nov. 29
  • Backpacking to hot springs, Sat and Sun, Nov. 11 and 12
Cancelled, due to fire. Info on the hot springs
  • Midnight Bouldering, Thur Nov. 2nd
at Horse Flats: here are some pictures.
  • Malibu Creek, Sun Oct. 22
  • "Mt. Russell" (more accurately, attempt on Mt. Winchell), weekend of Oct. 21
We originally intended to do the classic 3rd class East Ridge of Mt. Russell, but due to a good amount of snow we changed the objective to Langley. But even more snow came and the Langley trailhead was closed for the winter, so we moved North to the Palisades and attempted Mt. Winchell, with a high camp at Sam Mack Meadow. 16 people came. Thanks to Wayne Baumgartner for a great job leading the group.
  • Movie Night, Mon Oct. 16
Watched A day in the life: 5 women who climb and ate left-over pizza from the first-aid class.
  • Wilderness First Aid course, Oct. 13th - 15th
This was a 20-hour course co-sponsered by the Caltech Y and the Moore-Hufstedler Fund, taught by instructors from the Wilderness Medical Institute of NOLS. Here is the course website as well as the the FAQ from the old website. This event would not have been possible without the large grant from the Moore-Hufstedler Fund. Thanks to Sean Tulin and Mary Dunlop for the grant writing and organizing.
  • Bouldering at Stoney Point, Wed Sept. 27
  • Top-roping at Malibu Creek, Wed Sept. 20
  • Bouldering at Horse Flats, Wed Aug. 30
  • Half Dome talk at JPL by Tom Farr
The JPL Hiking club has a talk given by Tom Farr about his climb of Half Dome given on Tuesday, Aug 15th at noon. Here is the flyer in PDF format. Tom has also graciously donated some nuts and hexes to the Alpine Club.
  • Holcomb Valley Pinnacles, July 21 - 23
  • Top-roping at Malibu Creek State Park, Thu July 20th
  • Top-roping at Malibu Creek State Park, Thu July 13th
  • Bouldering at Stoney point, Tue July 11th
  • Bouldering at Horse Flats, Thur July 6th
  • Mt. Shasta expedition, July 1st through 4th

The old Mt. Shasta trip page is here, and the new Mt. Shasta trip page, wiki version, is here.

  • Top-roping at Point Dume, Tue June 28th
  • Bouldering at Stoney Pt., Wed May 31st
  • Top-roping at Malibu Creek State Park, Thu May 26th
  • Top-roping at Stoney Point, Fri May 19th
  • Top-roping at Malibu Creek State Park, Fri May 12th
Thanks to Sean for organizing the event, and to Joe, Ueli, Colette, Margarita, Ashley, Dave, Kim and Stephen for attending.
  • Snow-mountaineering on Mt. Baldy, April 29th
We had 8 people go overnight, and 3 people just for the day. We went up the Baldy Bowl and found the snow a bit too soft, but nonetheless we made the ascent and also practiced self-arrest, making snow anchors and even crevasse rescue. Here is the Baldy Mountaineering 2006 that contains more info and a packing list.
More information on self-arrest can be found in these scanned PDF's: lo res and hi res. Update: see also You'll need the club's username/password, or have a Caltech/JPL ip address.
  • Movie Night, Wed April 18th
Watched Return2Sender and Dosage Vol. 3.
  • Banff Film Festival March 29th 2006
See the Caltech Public Events's Banff Film Festival site for details on time, tickets and the movies we showed. The show sold out about a week in advance. Information on the Banff Film Festival tour can be found at the website of the Banff Mountain Film festival. There was a raffle with prizes from the Pasadena Patagonia store and the Altadena Mountain Rescue team, and the California Mountaineering Club, the Sierra Club and REI were also in attendance. We we hold the festival again in 2007.
  • Red Rocks climbing trip, March 11th to 15th (Sat - Wed)
  • Mt. Whitney, Mountaineer's Route, Feb. 3rd to 5th, 2006
Three Alpine Club members summited. High camp at Iceberg Lake.
  • Anchor building clinic, Feb.1 2006
Brian Eck taught a clinic about building safe anchors. The second part of the clinic was outside at Mt. Robidoux in Riverside later in February.
  • Joshua Tree, Fri/Sat/Sun, Jan 20th - 22nd, 2006
  • New Jack City, sport climbing. Sat, Jan. 14th, 2006
  • Meeting, Tue, Jan 10th, 2006
First activity organized by the new club leaders, Stephen Becker and Sean Tulin.