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For More information and advice about gear and its use, also see Category:Equipment and Category:How-To.

Club-Owned Gear

We continue to add new gear all the time, with major recent purchases each year since 2006. In addition to many new guide books in the Library ) we have the following equipment, which is all stored at the Caltech Y except where indicated. To rent, go to the Caltech Y when they're open (M-F 9-5, but show up before 4:30 PM). All of our gear is free to rent. Please read the Gear Rental Policy.

List of Gear

Other Sources of Gear


The easiest way to get access to gear is to borrow. Try sending an email to the mailing list or try your friends. I'm happy to lend out a bunch of my gear, and I have a few less common items like snow pickets and wands that might be hard to find elsewhere. Books are an easy thing to lend. Borrowing things like ice screws, cams, 'biners and rope is a delicate situation, and don't ask to borrow these from anyone who doesn't trust you.

Caltech Y

Caltech Y's equipment rental and location. They charge a small fee to rent their items. They are located between Chandler and the Ath. Their hours are 9-5 M-F, so rent before the weekend. They also ask that you come before 4:30 PM, since they want to leave at 5. Some of the items they have: tents (2,3,4 and 6 person), sleeping bags and pads, tarps, back packs, bear barrels, large coleman stoves, backpacking stoves, fuel bottles, cook kits, water bottles, and water filters. Some of their gear is pretty decent (i.e. backpacking stoves), and some is a bit out-dated (i.e. backpacks). They also rent out skis and snow shoes for the Da Vinci club (for free!), and they hold some of our gear (including the helmets, ice axes, crampons and bouldering pads).

UC Riverside Outdoor Excursions

From their equipment manager: "We rent a wide variety of equipment some of which is not carried by Sport Chalet or REI (crampons, ice axes, avalanche probes, snow shovels, snow saw). Our rates are good too. Our students receive the lower rate. We are able to mail some of our rental gear. Please visit our website for details:"

Riverside is not too far out of the way for some destinations East of Pasadena, so this is an option to consider. Here's a direct link to their equipment rental page. They have climbing shoes, bouldering pads, gloves, goggles, snowshoes, poles, snow saws, avalanche probes (not beacons), ice axes (not ice tools), crampons (probably non-rigid is my guess) and gaiters, as well as other camping equipment and water sports equipment.