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Alpine Club email list

The Alpine Club maintains a GNU Mailman list through Caltech IMSS. The purpose of this list is to make both official (e.g. Banff Film Festival) and unofficial (e.g. member-organized trips) announcements. Announcements can be made by mailing alpineclub@its ( if from non-caltech email). Feel free to post any messages you think will be appreciated by our members, but please keep in mind that there are currently over 550 people on this list. To post, you must be a member. If you have specific questions that the club leadership can answer, then just email alpine@its (at caltech dot edu). We don't want to spam our readers, so if you have doubts about whether your post qualifies as an unsolicited ad, is off-topic, etc, please email the club leadership at the address just mentioned.

To add or remove yourself from the list, please visit: alpine club list This website allows you to add/remove yourself and to customize mailings. You can also view all previous messages back to 2004 and see who else is on the list. The list is open to anyone, not just those with caltech emails.

Why join?

Being on the mailing list means you will receive up-to-date information on club events, and you can communicate with other climbers. The size of the mailing list is also important in determining how much funding the club receives.

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