Echo Cliffs

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Echo Cliffs is located in the Santa Monica Mountains near Malibu. You'll need to take a pleasant 40 - 50 minute hike to get to the walls. As you hike towards the cliffs, you'll be in awe of the natural beauty of the surrounding mountains. When you get your first look at the rock, you'll probably think, that Gary Kleiger guy is full of it, this place looks sweet! But as you get closer to the rock, I will become part of your good graces again, as you notice that the rock is really more like consolidated mud. This area is composed of conglomerate volcanic rock and as such is not very stable. Much kudos belongs to the developers of this nice area who used crow bars and glue to turn the routes into the mostly pleasant climbs that they are today. Much of the rock here is quite steep, resulting in some good power-endurance and pure endurance rock climbs. Some climbs are short, but many of the climbs at the popular Java wall are long and will keep you looking for good shakes along the way to the top.

Guide Book

There is a guide to this area (someone please help out here). Mountain project has some stuff as does