Eaton Canyon 2013

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Example of major graffiti damage to Eaton Canyon.

The Caltech Alpine Club, American Alpine Club, and the Access Fund are running a second major clean-up project in Eaton Canyon on Saturday, September 21. This beautiful area is the first canyoneering experience for many Angelenos, and it's a favorite little getaway for many people who live in the San Gabriel Valley. Unfortunately it's been severely trashed and tagged recently and is in desperate need of attention. See some of the photos below for pictures of people cleaning some of the damage last year.

The first clean-up was in June 2012 and a huge success with over fifty participants and a lot of BBQ. Last time thirty-five participants descended the entire canyon, negotiating eight rappels, to clean it top-to-bottom. This time we will focus on the most severely impacted area, which is between the first and second waterfalls and accessible bottom-up. We will wrap up with an awesome free BBQ again at Victory Park, just down the street from the Eaton Canyon entrance, at 7 PM.

Event Details

We will supply trash bags, gloves, graffiti clean-up supplies and instruction, and harnesses for clipping into fixed lines while climbing above the first waterfall. You will only need your own hiking gear, including hiking shoes, water, food, and a sweater.

  • Where: meet at Eaton Canyon Nature Center (here is a map)
  • When: 10 AM, Saturday, September 21, 2013
  • Why: Because all we do with our money is throw parties and buy books (just kidding)
  • What to bring: normal hiking stuff, including plenty of drinking water

There isn't an inordinate amount of Poison Oak in the canyon, but if you have severe reactions, bring long pants and long sleeves.



You don't have to RSVP, but if you do it'll help us figure out how many trash bags and how many burgers and beers to bring. If you have a Facebook account, RSVP on the FB event page.


Around thirty-five volunteers came to scrub graffiti! Last year most of the participants seemed to have come for the free canyoneering trip, but this year everyone who showed up came exclusively for the laborious scrubbing part. Lauren headed up a group of five below the first waterfall, where they collected lots of trash and scrubbed some graffiti off. The rest joined Hamik above the first waterfall, where the most egregious tags were removed along with a hundred pounds of trash. Thank you for your help and for the Access Fund's awesome goodie box.