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Siguniang Shan: First Ascents and Exploratory Alpinism in China's Eastern Himalaya

Noted American alpinist Dylan Johnson will be giving a slideshow about his first ascent in China, and some other very impressive first ascents. Their route on the southwest ridge of Siguniang (6250 metres) involved 9200 feet/72 pitches of technical climbing, including free climbing up to 5.11. Dylan and his partner Chad Kellogg spent 10 days on the razor-edge ridge, including an unplanned open bivy at 20,000 feet.

Chad went through some intense personal struggle as he trained for this climb. When in China on his previous attempt of this same peak, he received the phone call telling him of his wife's death. Less than a month after her funeral, he was diagnosed with colon cancer.

Dylan lost some 40 pounds weight on this climb - deservedly, this climb is often referred to as the Tibetan Weight loss Program. Come hear Dylan's story and watch some incredible pictures!

The Caltech Alpine Club is hosting this event for free (no tickets required); there will be food, drinks, good company, and an awesome talk!

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012, at 8.15 pm

Event Details

This is a free event and will take place Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012, at 8.15 pm in Noyes Building, room 153 on Caltech's campus in Pasadena, CA. There will be drinks, pizza (thanks to American Alpine Club-Southwest Section) and some time to chat before the talk beginning 7.15 PM.

You could RSVP on Facebook if you would like.

Topo sketch of the route by Dylan Johnson - click to enlarge.


The location is Noyes Building, room 153 on Caltech's campus in Pasadena (follow the link for a nice map). If you came to Reel Rock Tour 2011, Noyes Building are west of Ramo Auditorium. If you didn't, here is a Caltech interactive campus map, and information on visitor parking. Parking after 5 PM is easy. We recommend you park in "Lot 11" or on any of the streets around Caltech. <googlemap version="0.9" lat="34.138778" lon="-118.126298" type="map" zoom="17" width="450" height="325"> 34.138551, -118.126486 Noyes </googlemap>


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