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The Drew Dembowski Alpine Collection

Pasadena resident, musician and a good friend and supporter of the club Drew Dembowski in 2012 very kindly donated a large number of alpine related books from his personal collection to the Caltech Alpine Club Library. These books are available in our main collection on the 3rd floor of Sherman Fairchild Library.

They are being added slowly due to the large volume of donation, so check online if the book you are interested in is available yet. The collection is expected to be completed sometime in 2013.

Drew's Top 16
New to mountaineering literature? The following are Drew's favorite books from the collection and a good place to start if you're feeling overwhelmed by all these books.
Annapurna South Face by Chris Bonnington
The White Spider by Heinrich Harrer
Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer
The Last Step: The American Ascent of K2 by Rick Ridgeway
High Odyssey: The First Solo Winter Assault of Mt. Whitney and the Muir Trail area, 1928/1929 by Gene Rose
Everest: Kangshung Face by Stephen Venables
K2: The Savage Mountain by Robert Bates, Charles Houston
Annapurna by Maurice Herzog
In the Throne Room of the Mountain Gods by Galen Rowell
Starlight and Storm by Gaston Rebuffat
Everest: Best Writing from 70 Years of Human Endeavour by Peter Gillman (editor)
The Ascent of Everest by Sir John Hunt
The Hall of the Mountain King by Howard Snyder
Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer
Nanda Devi: The Tragic Expedition by John Roskelley
The Villain: The Life of Don Whillans by Jim Perrin

The books in the collection are as follows:
Please see this file (PDF) for detailed descriptions of the books.

Author Title Year
Allison, Stacy Beyond the Limits 1993
Band, George Road to Rakaposhi 1955
Bass, D, Ridgeway, R. Seven Summits 1986
Bates, R, Houston, C. Five Miles High 2000
Bates, R, Houston, C. K2: The Savage Mountain 1954
Bates, Robert Mountain Man: The Story of Belmore Brown 1988
Bates, Robert The Love of Mountains is Best 1994
Beckey, Fred Mountains of North America 1982
Boardman, Peter The Shining Mountain: Two Men on Changabang 1982
Bonington, Sir Christian Annapurna South Face 1971
Bonington, Sir Christian I Choose To Climb 1967
Bonington, Sir Christian Everest the Hard Way 1976
Bonington, Sir Christian Kongor: China's Elusive Summit 1982
Bonington, Sir Christian Everest: The Unclimbed Ridge 1983
Bonington, Sir Christian The Everest Years 1987
Bonington, Sir Christian Boundless Horizons 1988
Bonington, Sir Christian Mountaineer 1990
Bonington, Sir Christian Sea, Ice and Rock 1993
Bonington, Sir Christian Everest 2002
Boukreev, Anatoli The Climb 1997
Breashears, D. Salkeld,A. Last Climb 1999
Bremer-Kamp, Cherie Living on the Edge 1987
Browne, Belmore The Conquest of Mount McKinley 1956
Buhl, Herman Nanga Parbat Pilgrimage 1956
Child, Greg Thin Air: Encounters in the Himalayas 1988
Child, Greg Over The Edge 2002
Coffey, Maria Fragile Edge 1989
Curran, Jim Suspended Sentences 1991
Curran, Jim High Achiever: Life of Chris Bonington 1999
Dickinson, Matt The Other Side of Everest 1999
Diddert, R, Lambert, R Forerunners to Everest 1954
Diemberger, Kurt The Endless Knot 1990
Duane, Daniel El Capitan: Historic Feats and Radical Routes 2000
Eggler, Albert The Everest-Lhotse Adventure 1957
Eiselin, Max The Ascent of Dhaulagiri 1961
Fellowes, P.F.M. First Over Everest 1934
Franco, J, Terray, L. At Grips With Jannu 1957
Gillette, N Reynolds, J Everest Grand Circle 1985
Gillman, Peter Everest: Best Writing from 70 Yrs 1993
Gregory, Alfred The Picture of Everest 1954
Gregory, Alfred Alfred Gregory's Everest 1993
Grylls, Bear Facing Up 2000
Harrer, Heinrich The White Spider 1961
Harvard H/ Thompson T. Mountain Of Storms 1974
Haston, D, Gillman, P. Eiger Direct 1966
Haston, Dougal In High Places 1973
Heckmair, Anderl My Life as a Mountaineer 1978
Hemleb, J Johnson, L Ghosts of Everest 1999
Herrligkoffer, Karl M. Nanga Parbat 1954
Herzog, Maurice Annapurna 1953
Hillary, Sir Edmund High Adventure 1955
Hillary, Sir Edmund No Lattitude for Error 1961
Hillary, Sir Edmund High in the Thin Cold Air 1962
Hillary, Sir Edmund Nothing Venture, Nothing Win 1975
Hillary, Sir Edmund From the Ocean to the Sky 1979
Hillary, Sir Edmund View From the Summit 1999
Holzel, T./ Salkeld, A First On Everest 1986
Howkins, Heidi One Woman's Quest for the Summit 2001
Hunt, Sir John The Ascent of Everest 1953
Hunt, Sir John The Conquest of Everest 1953
Hunt, Sir John Our Everest Adventure 1954
Huntford, Roland Shacklton 1985
King, Clarence Mountaineering in the Sierra Nevada 1935
Kocour, Ruth Ann Facing the Extreme 1998
Krakauer, Jon Into the Wild 1996
Krakauer, Jon Into Thin Air 1997
Le Bron, Leo Majestic Mountains 1989
Lewis, H. Warren You're Standing on My Fingers 1969
Lyall, Alan The First Descent of the Matterhorn 1997
Maraini, Fosco Where Four Worlds Meet 1964
McCallum, John D. Everest Diary 1966
McLewin, Will In Monte Viso's Horizon 1991
Messner, Reinhold The Seventh Grade 1974
Messner, Reinhold The Challenge 1977
Messner, Reinhold Everest: Expedition to the Ultimate 1979
Messner, Reinhold K2: Mountain of Mountains 1980
Messner, Reinhold Solo: Nanga Parbat 1980
Messner, Reinhold The Crystal Horizon 1982
Messner, Reinhold The Big Walls 1987
Messner, Reinhold Free Spirit: A Climber's Life 1991
Messner, Reinhold To the Top of the World 1992
Messner, Reinhold All Fourteen 8,000ers 1999
Messner, Reinhold My Quest for the Yeti 2000
Messner, Reinhold The Second Death of George Mallory 2001
Messner, Reinhold Moving Mountains: Lessons on Life and Leadership 2001
Miura, Yuichiro The Man Who Skied Down Everest 1978
Molenaar, Dee The Challenge of Ranier 1971
Moore, Terris Mt McKinley: The Pioneer Climbs 1967
Morse, R.G. The Naked Mountain 1982
Murphy, Joseph, E. Adventure Beyond the Clouds 1986
Norgay, Tenzing After Everest 1977
Noyce, Wilfrid South Col 1955
Olsen, Jack The Climb Up To Hell 1962
Patey, Tom One Man's Mountains 1971
Perrin, Jim The Villain: The Life of Don Whillans 2005
Poole, Michael C. The Love of Mountains 1980
Rebuffat, Gaston Starlight and Storm 1957
Rebuffat, Gaston On Snow and Rock 1967
Rebuffat, Gaston Men and the Matterhorn 1967
Rebuffat, Gaston The Mont Blanc Massif 1975
Roper, S, Steck, A. Fifty Classic Climbs of North America 1979
Ridgeway, Rick The Last Step: The American Ascent of K2 1980
Rose D, Douglas, Ed Regions of the Heart 2000
Rose, Gene High Odyssey 1987
Roskellley, John Nanda Devi:The Tragic Expedition 1987
Roskellley, John Stories off the Wall 1993
Rowell, Galen In the Throne Room of the Mountain Gods 1977
Rowell, Galen The vertical World of Yosemite 1974
Rowell, Galen Many People Come Looking, Looking 1980
Rowell, Galen The Yosemite - Essays of John Muir 1989
Rowell, Galen The Art of Adventure 1989
Rutledge, Hugh Everest: The Unfinished Adventure 1937
Sayre, Woodrow Wilson Four Against Everest 1964
Scott, D, MacIntyre, A The Shishapangma Expedition 1984
Scott, Doug Big Wall Climbing 1978
Scott, Doug Himalayan Climber 1992
Sherman, John Sherman Exposed 1999
Shipton, Eric Nanda Devi 1936
Shipton, Eric The Mt Everest Reconnaissance Expedition 1951 1952
Shipton, Eric Men Against Everest 1955
Shipton, Eric That Untravelled World 1969
Smythe, Frank S. The Kangchenjunga Adventure 1931
Snyder, Howard The Hall of the Mountain King 1973
Spring, Bob & Ira High Worlds 1959
Steele, Peter Eric Shipton: Everest and Beyond 1998
Tasker, Joe Everest: The Cruel Way 1981
Tasker, Joe Savage Arena 1982
Tilman, H. W. The Ascent of Nanda Devi 1937
Tilman, H. W. When Men and Mountains Meet 1946
Tilman, H. W. Mount Everest 1938 1948
Tilman, H. W. Two Mountains and a River 1949
Tilman, H. W. The Seven Mountain Travel books 1983
Tucker, John Kangchenjunga 1955
Tullis, Julie Clouds from Both Sides 1986
Ullman, James Ramsey Kingdom of Adventure: Everest 1947
Ullman, James Ramsey Americans on Everest 1964
Ullman, James Ramsey Straight Up 1968
Vaughan, Norman D. My Life of Adventure 1995
Venables, Stephen Painted Mountains 1987
Venables, Stephen Everest: Kangshung Face 1989
Venables, Stephen A Slender Thread 2000
Weathers, Beck Left for Dead 2000
Whittaker, Jim A Life on the Edge 1999
Whittaker, Lou Memoirs of a Mountain Guide 1994
Whymper, Edward Scrambles Amongst the Alps 1860 - 1869 1981
Wickwire, Jim Addicted to Danger 1988
Wilcox, Joe White Winds 1981

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