Deep Creek Hotsprings

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Out near Victorville, so about 2 hour drive from Pasadena. There are two approaches, one long (7 miles) via the Pacific Crest Trail and one short (3 miles) from a nearby access road. This is often a clothing-optional hotsprings, however one should wear bright colours on the approach if your visit coincides with deer season!


210 east

15 north

Exit 143 to main street (Hesperia)

Follow main street east until you get to Rocksprings Road turnoff to the left. Continuing to the south is Hesperia lake and a charmless but expensive campground.

Rocksprings Rd to the east, then turn south on Deep Creek Road. Caution - 2 very poorly marked 90 degree turns (right then left) will ruin your racing car.

Turn east onto Bowen Creek Road. There is no sign, but it's a dirt road under some high tension powerlines. Follow this dirt road up into the hills.

Follow Bowen Creek Road to the east until you get to a junction at old cattle yards. There's a left fork before then which should be ignored. From here the road is pretty terrible. To the right you can drive another mile or so in a standard car. Ahead, the road may be passable to a more official trail head, where a small fee is paid to walk through private land.

Continuing on the path to the right, one will eventually run out of drivable road. From here the springs are a few miles to the south east. They are most easily approached by walking along the dirt road, which continues over several hills heading east, until you get to a gate with a fence. Follow the fence south until the walking trail becomes obvious. It continues south along the spur/ridgeline. Follow the arrows written in red on the rocks down to the bottom of the creek. The springs are on the opposite side of the creek right at the point.

location in google maps

geological map of the region (in the top right)