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The Caltech Alpine club is thrilled to host Dan Mazur and Squash Falconer! Dan is a world-class alpinist, a 9 time Everest Leader and the rescuer of Lincoln Hall, world famous climber "Left for Dead" at the summit of Everest. We are very excited to have someone with such a climbing and guiding pedigree and such a commitment to giving back.

This slideshow is part of a fundraising effort for the Mount Everest Foundation for Sustainable Development. This year's main goal is to raise funds and new and used climbing and trekking equipment and clothing for the New Sherpa Training School, featuring Squash Falconer, the famous motorcyclist and parachutist. The Caltech alpine club has made a donation to the foundation and we encourage attendees to do the same!

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Event Details

Time: 7pm on Thursday, March 7, 2013.

Cost: Free, but please consider a donation to the Mount Everest Foundation.

Place:102 Steele, on the Caltech campus. Parking is usually easy on Pasadena streets in the evenings, and campus parking (in unmarked spaces) is free after 5 pm. <googlemap version="0.9" lat="34.140829" lon="-118.122447" zoom="16"> 34.138511, -118.124142, 102 Steele </googlemap>


  • Sherpa Training School, a new program with the MEF. The MEFSD is building a new school for training 30 aspiring young sherpas, both men and women. Safety, technique, communication, education, health, environmental and cultural preservation and economic opportunities will be the goals for this new training course so that we can provide education, training and help local people in Nepal to earn a good living from sustainable tourism in their beautiful country for many years to come.
  • Everest Service Walk
  • Everest Service Trek
  • SummitClimb.org, Dan's website