Cooper Dawn Mine Project

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On Saturday September 24th, 2016, Cooper set a new YKH (youngest known hike) to the Dawn Mine, a life-long project for the 2 month old. He approached the Mine from the top of Chaney Trail, above Millard Camp, following the Sunset Trail to the spur near the cabin. From here he followed the mediocre trail up Millard Creek to the Dawn Mine. Perfunctory probing suggested that the Mine was played out, so Cooper followed the recently fixed trail (the start of which was marked with some pink ribbon) up to Mt. Lowe fire road. From here, he followed the Sunset Trail back to the car.

Route map:

There's a monster in there. This isn't the mine.
Looking up at the mine from the 'trail'.
The entrance to the mine.
Cooper perfunctorily probing the Dawn Mine.
New sign to mark the newly repaired trail to the Mine from Mt. Lowe fire road (we left the mine via this trail).