Climber Self-Rescue Course

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Course Description

Marc Allen, a member of the Caltech Alpine Club and the Altadena Mountain Rescue Team, has volunteered to lead a rescue workshop for the Alpine Club. This will be a one day workshop covering the basics of technical rescue (lowering and raising systems, ascending, descending, escaping the belay, and some scenarios like crevasse rescue and handling injured parties). We will start with a classroom session in the morning and then head out somewhere local to practice.

Participation in the course is limited to 10 people so that everyone will receive adequate instruction.

Required Experience

Since the workshop will cover advanced topics, we are asking that all people interested in participating have experience with technical roped climbing, and should already know most of the basic knots: the figure 8 variants, prusik, munter, and clove hitch. Previous experience with climbing anchors and natural protection would also be helpful.


When: Saturday, June 18th, 9 AM - afternoon

Where: Location Caltech Y multipurpose room (we'll start with a classroom session, then head outside later in the day)

Cost: Free (Marc is volunteering his time, so be nice to him)

To sign up, please e-mail Joel Scheingross (jscheingross AT In the e-mail, please include:

  • Your name
  • Your experience with technical roped climbing and rescue
  • If you're willing to help carpool from Caltech to wherever we go out and practice rescue skills
  • If you can 100% commit to showing up Saturday, June 18th, at 9 AM

Since spots are limited, we will offer spots in the workshop on a first come first serve basis to all qualified applicants. We will keep a waiting list open in case extra spots become available.


Please note that like most CAC events, this workshop is no substitute for professional instruction, and Marc is not a guide or a certified instructor. The information presented here is for informational purposes and additional formal training is recommended before putting it into practice. This will just be enough to get you started.

(Self) Rescue Skills Practice Sessions

We're trying to organize sessions to practice these skills every other month, see for more info.