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May 13

Dustin Lagoy: Skiing the Mt Whitney Trail

May 3

Cody Finke: Ski Descent of Spook Canyon

April 30

Cody Finke: Skiing the Mendenhall Couloir on Mount Laurel

April 29+30

Alex Phillips: Joshua Tree Bouldering

April 29

Jon Tesch: Skiing the Hole in the Wall

Apr 3

Katha Urmann: A hike with friends from overseas

Mar 18+19

Cody Finke: Pika Peak and "Iva Belle Hot Springs" ski tour

Mar 13

Al Preston: Sierra Descents Crew Skis the West Face of Baldy]

Mar 8 (international Women's Day!)

Cody Finke: Mount Langley North Couloir

Mar 7

Al Preston: Sierra Descents Crew Skis the East Face of Baden Powell]

Feb 25:

Thomas McHenry: Power of Four Ski Mountaineering Race

Feb 11:

Cody Finke: Amora Vida Couloir

Feb 2-4:

Marja Seidel: Mojave Desert Adventure Race

Feb 1:

Bettina Meyer: Pine Creek Couloir

Jan 29:

Elle Chimiak: Strawberry Peak Scramble

Bettina Meyer: Iceberg Lake (Mt. Whitney)

Teddy Albertson: Red Mountain Ski Tour


Nov 28:

Cody Finke: Early Season Ski Tour in Sequoia NP

Nov 3:

Elle Chimiak: J Tree 30th birthday 30 for 30

Oct 15-16:

Bradley Gorsline: Red Rock Trip

Oct 12:

Cody Finke: Vesper Peak Scramble

Oct 8:

Justin Jasper: 50 mile run, Zion National Park

Sept 26:

Cooper Glurp Jasper: 6 mile Hike, San Gabriels

Cody Finke: In Search of CGJ

Sept 17:

Alex Phillips: Grand Canyon Hiking

Justin Jasper: 40 mile Trail Run, San Gabriels

July 3:

Cody Finke: Climb the Hotlum Glacier, Ski the Hotlum Wintum Ridge, Mount Shasta

Feburary 14:

Cody Finke: Skiing Terminal Cancer Couloir


May 31

Cody Finke: Skiing Mount Ritter

May 18

Cody Finke: Skiing the Neutrino Couloir

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