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Caltech Alpine Club Bouldering Competition from March 2003. Copied from the old website bouldering comp results page and the old website bouldering comp advertisement page in 2010.

the Hulk pulling a sick sloper move

This is the old advertisement

Come join the Alpine Club for some fun Bouldering in the Caltech Rock Climbing Gym. There will be tons of food and great climbing routes for you to try.

Prizes will be provided by the Outland Mountain Shop.

Date: Friday Oct 24th , 5:30pm

Meet: Climbing Gym (building #1 on the Campus map)


Women's Novice Category:
Name Score
Lucia Fernandez-Ballester 87 pts
Virginie Joiris 57 pts
Jessica Mao 36 pts
Women's Intermediate Category:
Name Score
Megan Knight 665 pts
Jennifer Lanski 112 pts
Anne-Laure Leny 87 pts
Men's Novice Category:
Name Score
Alex Ferguson 245 pts
Arkadas Ozakin 229 pts
Craig Pittman  ??

Men's Intermediate Category:
Name Score
Danny "Osman" Lieberman 887 pts
Eric Pape 377 pts
James Dennedy-Frank 361 pts

Thanks everybody for coming, climbing so hard, and eating all of our burgers!

Many Thanks to the Outland Mountain Shop for their prize donations for the bouldering Comp! and to the Caltech Y for helping financially!


I like bouldering comps.jpg Bouldering comps are awesome.jpg Danflexin.jpg

Mmhhh... the famous Alpine Club BBQ was the best motivation for climbing!

Extreme.jpg Hey ladies im available.jpg Its now or never.jpg

Pulling down hard on some of the problems!

James.jpg Looking.jpg

Before climbing, climbers had to look at the problems and clearly identify the holds and sequences

Megan.jpg Safety first.jpg James2.jpg

Megan, Lisa and James working on some delicate vertical traverses

The big winners.jpg

Our big-time winners! From left to right: Alex, Megan, Dan, Craig, Virginie, Arkadas, Jessica, Eric, Lucia, Anne-Laure and James. Congratulations!!