Banff Film Festival Selection Night 2014

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It's time to select the films that will be shown at this year's Banff Film Festival World Tour stop at the Beckman auditorium in late March. If you are unfamiliar with the Festival and the necessary task of selecting films to be shown at our Tour stop, see the info at the bottom of the page.

Complete with free pizza and beer, this is your chance to have a say in what what we show at the screening! Were you unsatisfied with the choices last year? Hate skiing? Love skydiving? Come and make your opinion count. We will be watching trailers or complete short films for all candidate movies, and the whole selection process should take about two hours.

We will provide drinks and pizza! Let us know your eat/drink preferences in the RSVP below. Show up at 6:30 for pizza and the films will begin at 7:00.


  • Date: Tuesday Jan 21
  • Time: 6:30pm for pizza, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm film previews.
  • Place: ***South Cats Rec Room***


<googlemap version="0.9" lat="34.13993" lon="-118.129224" type="map" zoom="17" width="450" height="325"> 34.13993,-118.129224 Noyes </googlemap>

Films on Tour

There are 30 films eligible for selection in this year's screening. This year, the promotional videos are available for viewing online. {{#widget:YouTube|id=gCzgqIm_Ofg}}


Name (I drink ______, I eat ______ pizza)

Cody Finke (I drink several if not many beers, and I eat 1-2 veggie pizzas daily)

Megan Bergkessel (I drink 1 beer, I eat 2 slices of pizza)

Phil Esra (I drink 1 beer, I eat 2 slices of pizza)

Hamik Mukelyan (I drink 0 beer, I eat ∞ slices of pizza)

Matthias (I drink 1 beer, I eat 3 slices of pizza)

Lauren (I drink tasty beer, I eat veggie pizza) will be late

Matt Callender (I drink 1-infinity beers, I eat any pizza you put in front of me) WOOOOO!

Stefan (I drink all the beers, I eat just about anything, including pizza)

Chris B (I drink 2 beers, I eat veggie pizza)

Nathan B (I drink 2 beers, I eat 2 slices of pizza)

Cassie X (I drink 0 beer, I eat 1 slice of pizza)

What's Banff? Why select movies?

For those of you not familiar with it, a widely acclaimed film festival is held in Banff, Alberta, Canada every year in November and features a collection of mountain films from around the world by both amateur and professional filmmakers. The films range in length from 3 minutes to over an hour, but most films are 10 to 20 minutes. Topics range from mainstays like mountaineering, skiing, and rock climbing to kayaking and mountain biking. There are usually some skydiving/BASE type films, as well as a few other high adrenaline action films. Not all films are action based; some are documentaries (often profiling various remote mountain communities) and some are comedy.

Since at least 2001, the Alpine Club has hosted a stop on the subsequent Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour which follows the actual Festival. Traditionally hosted at the Ramo auditorium, it has been the Caltech alpine club's biggest and most attended annual event. In 2012, we shifted the venue from to Beckman auditorium to accommodate the growing interest and witnessed a near sell out audience last year !

Whereas there are 4+ hours of candidate films to choose from, the length of the final compilation that will be shown is ~ 2.5 hrs. The Banff movie selection night is intended to select the movies for the eventual screening based on popular vote !