Banff Film Festival Selection Night 2011

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Mountains: the awesomest terrain on Earth

Join us once again to select the films that will be shown at this year's Banff Film Festival World Tour event, which is slated for screening in Ramo Auditorium in late March. If you are unfamiliar with the Festival and the necessary task of selecting films to be shown at our Tour stop, see the info at the bottom of the page.

As always, this is your chance to have a say in what what we show at the screening! Were you unsatisfied with the choices last year? Like skiing? Hate skydiving? Come and make your opinion count. The Banff Centre has given us a DVD with a short preview clip of each candidate film, and the whole selection process should take about two hours (of course, you're welcome to leave early).

We will provide drinks and snacks, but not pizza this time. Let us know your drink preferences in the RSVP below!


  • Date: Wednesday Jan 26
  • Time: 7:30pm
  • Place: Central Cats Rec Room

Films on Tour

Here are the films that are eligible for selection in this year's screening:

  • As It Happens
  • AZADI: Freedom
  • Chimæra
  • Crossing The Ditch
  • Deeper
  • Dream Result
  • Eastern Rises
  • The Fall Line
  • Feel the Hill
  • Fly or Die
  • Into Darkness
  • Khumbu Climbing School
  • Kranked-Kids: Just Down the Road
  • The Last Paradise
  • A Life Ascending
  • Life Cycles
  • The Longest Way
  • Miracle in the Storm
  • Parking Garage: Beyond the Limit
  • Rush Hour Dream
  • Salt (no, not the Angelina Jolie movie...)
  • Still Motion
  • Stones into Schools
  • The Swiss Machine
  • Tibet: Murder in the Snow
  • Treasure of the Lisu
  • Wild Water


Name (I drink ______)

Selecting What?

For those of you not familiar with it, a widely acclaimed film festival is held in Banff, Alberta, Canada every year in November and features a collection of mountain films from around the world by both amateur and professional filmmakers. The films range in length from 3 minutes to over an hour, but most films are 10 to 20 minutes. Topics range from mainstays like mountaineering, skiing, and rock climbing to kayaking and mountain biking. There are usually some skydiving/BASE type films, as well as a few other high adrenaline action films. Not all films are action based; some are documentaries (often profiling various remote mountain communities) and some are comedy.

Since at least 2001, the Alpine Club has hosted a stop on the subsequent Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour which follows the actual Festival; the recent years here at Caltech have all seen large sellout events in Ramo Auditorium. We are only able to show a set amount of film (~2.5 hours), whereas there are 4+ hours of candidate films we could show. We must therefore decide which films to show for our screening here at Caltech - hence this selection night event!