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You might have been looking for Banff Film Festival 2012.

World Tour Stop: Caltech

In late March, we sold out for the nth year (where n>10) in a row! Tickets were $12 in advance (none sold at the door since we were sold out), and $5 for Caltech students.




We had a raffle with goodies from the local search and rescue teams, as well as from the Banff World Tour sponsors (TNF, Deuter, OR, etc). In addition, we also raffled the following:

  • $100 REI gift certificate, donated by Bob Oppermann of CED Pasadena. CED is proud to contract with many Caltech and JPL groups for their electrical hardware needs.
  • Prizes from the American Alpine Club (AAC) SW Section, thanks to James Pinter-Lucke.

List of Films

  • Chimæra
  • Dream Result
  • As It Happens
  • AZADI: Freedom
  • The Longest Way


  • Life Cycles
  • Last Paradise
  • Still Motion
  • Parking Garage
  • Swiss Machine



Film details

  • {{#widget:ThumbnailLink

|src= |align=left |caption= }} Chimæra. Canada, 2010, 7 minutes. Ski. “Chimæra” refers to a mythological fusion of forms or a foolish fantasy. Shot with a unique camera system capable of shooting over 1000 frames per second, Chimæra slows our perception of reality and offers an unprecedented look at a skier’s life. It is an experience that blurs the borders between real and imaginary.

  • {{#widget:ThumbnailLink

|src= |align=left |caption= }} Dream Result. USA, 2009, 17 minutes. Kayaking. A group of top athletes and friends are driven by passion to explore the limits of possibility. Expeditions to Norway and a quest for waterfalls throughout Argentina and the US are all part of the program in Dream Result — so hang on for the ride!

  • {{#widget:ThumbnailLink

|src= |align=left |caption= }} As It Happens. USA, 2010, 16 minutes. Mountaineering. Renan Ozturk and Corey Richards “go rogue” and file video dispatches from their attempt at the first ascent of Nepal’s 6,000 meter Tawoche Himal. As it Happens takes these individual pieces and ties them together in one well-made story that lets a challenging trip unfold as it happens.

  • {{#widget:ThumbnailLink

|src= |align=left |caption= }} AZADI: Freedom. Canada, 2010, 30 minutes. Travel, ski. AZADI: Freedom takes a look at Kashmir in the wake of the violent militant insurgence of the 90s through the lens of skiing. The unique role that skiing is playing in rebuilding tourism in Kashmir is explored using cinematography, animation, and the story of local characters. The film crew explores the future presented to young Kashmiri as they venture into the mountains — on backcountry skis. The world’s highest skiable gondola sits amid the most militarized region in the world, yet the freedom of adventure is drawing foreigners back to this former Shangri-La.

  • {{#widget:ThumbnailLink

|src= |align=left |caption= }} The Longest Way . Germany, 2009, 5 minutes. Travel, adventure. A highly entertaining time-lapse of a one-year-walk from Beijing to Urumqi. Time and distance traveled are charmingly demonstrated by the growth of a beard in this five-minute short.

  • (intermission)
  • {{#widget:ThumbnailLink

|src= |align=left |caption= }} Life Cycles. Canada, 2010, 14 minutes. Mountain Biking. Filmed in Ultra HD, Life Cycles provides some of the most visually stunning images the mountain sports world has ever seen. It’s a beautiful celebration of the bicycle, and is sure to amaze anyone who has ever ridden one.

  • {{#widget:ThumbnailLink

|src= |align=left |caption= }} Last Paradise. New Zealand, 2010, 26 minutes. Surfing, snowboarding, history. In the remote wilderness of New Zealand, when necessity was the mother of invention, a maverick bunch of kids concocted a dream that they would one day share with the world. In Last Paradise, through 45 years of stunning original footage we relive the journey of legendary extreme sports pioneers on the roads less traveled.

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|src= |align=left |caption= }} Still Motion. Canada, 2008, 5 minutes. Nature. Compiled from the highlights of a whole year of wildlife research, still images from motion-triggered wildlife cameras create an intricately sequenced movie-like production of Alberta’s amazing wildlife. Playful fawns, stalking cougars, and curious elk take center stage in Still Motion. The film asks an important question: Just who is looking at whom?

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|src= |align=left |caption= }} Parking Garage: Beyond the Limit. USA, 2008, 4 minutes. Humor. A spoof of the Discovery Channel Show, Everest: Beyond the Limit.

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|src= |align=left |caption= }} Swiss Machine. USA, 2010, 20 minutes. Mountaineering. Ueli Steck may be the greatest speed alpinist the world has ever seen. In The Swiss Machine, Steck tells of his record-breaking ascents in the Alps, accompanied by stunning aerial footage that captures him racing up 2500-meter alpine faces. When he joins Alex Honnold in Yosemite, Steck sets his ultimate goal: to take his one-man alpine speed game to the largest, highest walls in the world.

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