Banff Film Festival 2002

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Caltech hosted a stop on the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour on March 27, 2002 in Ramo Auditorium. The following is the advert from Public Events:

The Banff Mountain Film Festival returns to Caltech! The show's variety of mountain stories- from mountain sports, to mountain culture and environment, will amaze, inspire and captivate you. Included in this year's lineup are spectacular films from around the world, featuring skiing, mountaineering, base jumping, climbing, and wildlife. Tour highlights include: Unizaba, in which unicyclists explore Mexico in an adventure that ends with a descent of a volcano; Desert Friction, in which world class climbers tackle a 500' granite slab in the Namibian desert; and Gelada Baboon--The Battles of Braveheart, in which a camera team follows a male gelada as he defends his harem from a precocious and aggressive band of bachelor baboons. Last year's festival sold out, so get your tickets early!

Tickets were $8 in advance and $10 at the door, $5 for Caltech students.

See [1] for more info.