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The 2014 Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour comes to Caltech on Tuesday, March 25 at 7:30p. Following last year's near sell-out at the famous Beckman Auditorium, we have decided to host it at the same venue this year. Mark your calendar (and/or RSVP on facebook) and come join us for the Caltech Alpine Club's oldest and most celebrated event. Check out the trailer!


Beckman Auditorium, Caltech
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There will be a reception before the event co-hosted by The American Alpine Club SW Section for all ticket holders at 6pm, at the Gene Pool next to Beckman Auditorium (to the West), so come early to get some tasty beverages, socialize, and meet some of our great sponsors and local mountain organizations!

Local Sponsors and Raffle

As always we will have a raffle at the show!



World Tour Stop: Caltech

Since at least 2001, Caltech has been a proud host of the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour. Stopping at over 500 locations in 30 countries around the globe, the Tour celebrates the best films shown at that year's Festival in Banff, Alberta, Canada, one of the premier exhibitions of films about mountain culture in the world. Topics of the films include mountain sports (skiing, climbing, kayaking, mountain biking, BASE, and others) and exotic mountain communities living in remote corners of the Earth. Dramatic scenery, quirky comedy, artistic cinematography, and epic adventures are classic trademarks of the best Banff films.

The format of this year's event will be the same as in years past: 2-2.5 hours of total footage divided into 7-10 different films covering a wide variety of the above mentioned themes. Each film will range in length from 5-30+ minutes. There are a large number of films to choose from, even after only the best films have been chosen during the week-long Film Festival held in November. Members of the Caltech Alpine Club community gather every year in late January to determine the final list of films to be shown at our own screening in Pasadena, customized to our audience and personal taste. We also pay close attention to suggestions from years past!


With so many good films it was difficult to select those that made the cut. After long hours of debate we have produced an adrenaline packed line-up including kayaking, skiing, climbing, ice harvesting!, tomfoolery, environmental awareness and straight up adventures. Total length = 136 minutes.

  • Cascada
  • The Last Ice Merchant
  • North of the Sun


  • Into the Mind (special edit)
  • The Last Great Climb (special edit)
  • I AM RED
  • Sufferfest
  • Kayak Free Kayaking
  • Valhalla (special edit)

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