Baldy Bowl Chutes

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Zeke's Chute

Under construction!

The Baldy Bowl Chutes are the obvious skiing routes on the south facing slope of Mount Baldy, above the well-known South Bowl. After heavy storms in the winter, many or all of the chutes may become filled in enough to be skiable. These have been skied regularly (some more than others) for at least the last 80 years, and the recognized names of the chutes were bestowed by their first descenders (some controversies have ensued of course). These are summarized in a photograph hanging in the San Antonio Ski Hut. If viewed from the south, the chutes are L-R: Dostie's Dare, The (main) Dare, Once Is Enough, Shit Chute (aka Hourglass Chute), Girlyman Chute, Hershey's Highway, Figure 11 Chute, Employee Entrance, Zen Chute, Jusayno Couloir, Zeke's Chute, Procrastination Chute, and Schitzo Alley.

Dostie's Dare

Named for renowned southern Californian skier, Craig Dostie. He is the former publisher of Couloir Magazine and self-proclaimed inventor of the phrase "Earn Your Turns." His backcountry skiing blog can be found here.

The Dare

This very obvious chute on the "looker's" left-most side of the bowl is often skiable between late January to early April.

Once Is Enough

Shit Chute (aka Hourglass Chute)

Girlyman Chute

Hershey's Highway

Figure 11 Chute

Employee Entrance

Zen Chute

Jusayno Couloir

Zeke's Chute

See Hamik's report and photos of the Baldy Bowl Ski Trip 2010.

Procrastination Chute

This is the widest, most obvious chute and is the most common chute for ski descents. Coverage is often quite good.

Schitzo Alley

Has anyone ever witnessed enough snow in the bowl to make this fathomable?

Check out this cool video posted on vimeo!