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The good folks at Athletic Junction sent us (Stefan and Cody) some shirts to try out. To test them, we took them to Stronghold.

Team Athletic Junction

Cody's Review:

While the shirt granted me no superpowers, for example, I appeared to climb just as poorly with this shirt as any other shirt, the shirt was perfectly acceptable and possibly even more comfortable than all of my other shirts. Basically, the shirt was cotton/polyester mix and fit me like a well fitting glove. The quoted price seemed to be reasonably affordable. I will also add that the shirt said "Commit and Conquer". It was great to wear a shirt that said this because I usually feel like there isn't enough testosterone in gym environments and this shirt really helped with the testosterone deprived atmosphere...

Cody About to Warm Up on the Proj
Cody with the all important heel hook

Stefan's Review:

When approached by Athletic Junction, Cody and I were pretty stoked to try out their gear, especially since it was free. I'd been feeling a bit down recently as I nursed some injuries back to health, so it was perfect when I got my shirt from AJ that said "Do WIT" which WIT stands for Whatever It Takes. And in this case what it took was a little bit of climbing at the gym to thoroughly review our shirts.

We got up early and were at the gym by 7 AM to send our projs. Cody wanted evidence of his send and so he wore his GoPro with Chesty mount. The shirt readily handled the GoPro and it's cool mix of cotton and stretchy polyester meant that Cody was unhindered in his ascent. After clearing that 5.5 hurdle it was my turn to climb. I'd gotten a feel for what it was like to belay in AJ but wasn't prepared for the experience of actually climbing it. The supple and form fitting cut of the shirt made me look approximately 50% more jacked then normal and the "Do WIT" on the front reminded me that there was no excuse not to send. It wasn't until Cody snapped a couple pics of me before my climb that I realized the best feature of the shirt, it matched my 'Merica tights. With this added confidence I hopped on the wall and that was it...the proj was crushed.

The Wizard of Send
Stefan, climb on
Stefan crushing
Stefan cruising the proj


  • Super comfy
  • Stretchy
  • Soft
  • Matches American flag tights
  • Free
  • Highly affordable
  • The arms were tapered so for the first time in my life, I felt like I had biceps, which may have boosted my climbing confidence


  • Can you think of any cons for a shirt that says "Commit and Conquer"?