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Andrew with his signature Whippet poles.

Andrew McLean

Steep skiing specialist, expedition monger, and BD gear designer

We are looking super forward to welcoming one of North America's most prolific ski mountaineers, Andrew McLean, to give a slideshow about his recent travels and expeditions, seeking out new lines worthy of his reputation for skiing unimaginably steep, technical terrain in faraway places. His first descents all across the world have landed him a permanent, lofty rank in the annals of skiing lore. But he's not just a skier, an expeditionist, and a hungry endurance athlete; he's also a longtime gear designer at Black Diamond and an unrelenting proponent of environmental causes in his backyard playground, the mighty Wasatch range in central Utah. His blog, Straight Chuter, is spattered with all sorts of drawings, ideas, and schematics that come from his creative interest in backcountry gear design, and lately with vehement opposition to proposals by a group of ski resort owners to expand their boundaries into a large chunk of the remaining pristine wilderness just outside Salt Lake City.

Andrew has a lot to say, and isn't afraid to say it.

Update! Andrew has threatened that his topic of the slideshow will be the epic story of a 14-year long obsession: to ski the "Alaska Family" trio. Hunter, Foraker, Denali. You know, because "it's a family show." More info and a poster from a similar talk here.

This slideshow will be fueled by snacks and libations, so indicate your preference for beverages below. Let's get stoked for the upcoming awesomeness of winter!


  • Thursday September 27 2012
  • Reception at 7:30pm Showtime: 8ish



Name (drink preferences)

  1. Nick (IIPA please)
  2. Eyrun (make it a good one)
  3. Pratyush (orange juice)
  4. Greg S. (Fat Tire)
  5. Heiko (no preference)
  6. May +1 (no pref)
  7. Bill Sherman (no pref)
  8. Erik Siering (IPA)
  9. Ann Kramer (IPA)
  10. Chris B (IPA)
  11. Joel (no pref)
  12. Addie +1 (no pref)
  13. Ron +1-3 (no pref)
  14. Jake Faller (I’ll be very “hoppie” if you put me down for some IPA please)
  15. Don +2 (Blue Moon)
  16. Tim +2 (bringing some)
  17. Al +1 (bringing some!)
  18. Ben (IPA please)
  19. Andy (no pref)
  20. Louisa and Greg (no pref)
  21. David (no pref)
  22. Tom + Tom
  23. Matt Shaner (Alaskan Winter)
  24. Dan + Dani
  25. Maryan (no pref)
  26. Tim (IPA)
  27. Leti (no pref)
  28. Tommy +1 (IPA)
  29. Cole & Robin (IPA)
  30. Marisa
  31. Brad
  32. Alex K. (diet Coke or IPA)
  33. Chris Rusay
  34. Emily and Jeremy
  35. Erik (IPA)
  36. Randy
  37. Bill Kells
  38. Tucker (bring on the hops!)
  39. Brian Adams +1
  40. John Anderson
  41. Robb

Some of Andrew's BD Designs

Other upcoming events