3 Points To JPL Run Trip Report

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On Saturday September 17th, 2016, I left my car at 3 Points (on Hwy 2 at the junction for Horse Flats) and tried to beat the heat wave back to Altadena. I followed the Silver Moccasin Trail to Shortcut Pass, an OHV road up to Newcomb Pass, the Rim Trail up Mt. Wilson, the Mt. Lowe Fire Road and Sunset trail down to Millard Camp, and finally went down El Prieto to get to the JPL parking lot on Windsor where my wife and son picked me up (they're the best!). As a bonus, L and her friend paced me for the last mile!

Route map: https://www.plotaroute.com/route/290673

While the heat wave beat me back, it was a nice run through the San Gabes!