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Name: Elle or just L

About: I am from DC, which isn't an area that people associate with the outdoors. Before coming to tech I worked in fashion, which also isn't a thing that people associate with the outdoors. Turns out, you don't need to have lived a typical outdoors life to be super psyched by it! I love running more than anything (yes, anything), especially when that running involves trails. I am also a fan of hitting up rock walls (not hitting rock walls, though), hiking, backpacking, getting to peak tops by some other method, etc. Hopefully by the end of the year, my two puppies, Alex the Poochio and Spaniel Woods will also be psyched on running around mountains (Poochio already is a dyno queen). I am probably best known for getting injured in ways that make no sense with the sport. For example, I have pulled my shoulder snowshoeing.

Role: President, so I basically keep the flame of psychedness stoked throughout the year.

My main goals this year are to bring new people into the outdoors and to increase the visibility of under represented groups in the outdoors. Even if you have only wished to hike, we will be a warm and welcoming community with lots of beginner events and classes. One key way we will foster awesomeness for all is by having monthly trip-planning meetings. These meetings will be open to the entire community and provide advice for people who want to lead trips in addition to allow connections between planners and people who want to attend trips. We will also (try) to have some amazing speakers from a variety of backgrounds.

Current Running Goal: 50 miles before turning in my thesis

Favorite Trip:My favorite hike so far was the Devil's Path in a day. My favorite trip so far has been 5 days of Yosemite backpacking leaving from Snow Creek ending with Half Dome + 5 day hikes in the Sierras + Mt. Whitney. That was on a stress-fractured foot. It was such a lovely trip that I did not properly notice this until I returned to my house. Second to this is new years in Bishop when I decided to project an overhung crimpy traverse thus starting my love for overhung traverses with terrible holds.