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Name: Elle or just L

About: I am from DC, which isn't an area that people associate with the outdoors. Before coming to tech I worked in fashion, which also isn't a thing that people associate with the outdoors. Turns out, you don't need to have lived a typical outdoors life to be super psyched by it! I love running more than anything (yes, anything), especially when that running involves trails. I am also a fan of hitting up rock walls (not hitting rock walls, though), hiking, backpacking, getting to peak tops by some other method, etc. I am probably best known for getting injured in ways that make no sense with the sport. For example, last winter, I pulled my shoulder snowshoeing.

Role: Vice President, so I basically keep the flame of psychedness stoked throughout the year.

One of my hopes for this year is to create a special branch of the club for women who are interested in doing and learning super awesome outdoors skills in a group of women. We will be holding courses from intro to climbing to ice climbing and trad skills. For those women out there who don't want to climb (that is totally okay, by the way, we like all outdoors sports here!), we will also be organizing ski trips and lessons and possibly even free diving. Everything will be subsidized and taught by pros. In addition to gaining awesome new skills that give you even more access to this place called earth, you will get to meet women who are similarly rad. If you are interested, send an email my way.

Current Running Goal: 30 miles for my 30th birthday

Favorite Trip:My favorite hike so far was the Devil's Path. My favorite trip so far has been 5 days of Yosemite backpacking leaving from Snow Creek ending with Half Dome + 5 day hikes in the Sierras + Mt. Whitney. That was on a stress-fractured foot. It was such a lovely trip that I did not properly notice this until I returned to my house.