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Name: Katha Urmann

Sport Climbing at the 'Gallery' Sector April 2017.

About: German by origin, though I think I can hide it pretty well, I grew up skiing every winter with my parents in the Alps and generally always enjoyed the outdoors, even though weather in Germany usually chimes in to ruin the experience. My passion for rock climbing only started during my gradschool time in Israel 2014 where I met my husband and climbing mentor Eitam. We mainly bouldered in a gym and toured the limestone-sport-climbing-crags in northern Israel. Since arriving to the States for my post-doc in ESE, we have been also getting into trad climbing (thanks Elle for picking me up for the rad girls-trad-course in my first month!) and now enjoy all the shades of climbing!

Favorite Activities: Rock Climbing, Cooking, Downhill Skiing, Keeping things in order

Incipient Interests: Backpacking, Backcountry Skiing

Role: Tsarina of the Bouldering Cave

Proudest Line: Corrugation Corner at Lover's Leap

Favorite Trip: Our small road trip with bouldering in Bishop and trad at Lover's Leap. We still have soooo much to discover in the States!!!