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Name: Justin Jasper

Justin Jasper working on his lake-style curling game.

About: I grew up in Minnesota, but have since lived in Portland where I attended Reed College, Malawi as a Peace Corps volunteer, and Berkeley as a graduate student. I'm currently a post-doc in ESE, where I save the world by electrolyzing poop, primarily collected from the Young Cooper Jasper.

Favorite Activities: Rock Climbing, Trail Running, Whitewater Kayaking, Baby Schlepping, Skiing, Hiking

Incipient Interests: Mountain Biking, Ab Blasting, Lake-Style Curling

Role: Viceroy of the Trade Federation

Proudest Line: Running the PCT from Snoqualmie to Steven's Pass

Favorite Trip: 3 weeks in Fontainebleau, France: Pan au chocolat, sandstone boulders, La Vache Qui Rit, dormir, repeat.