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Atop Cinder Cone (Lassen Volcano behind).

Name: Carlyn Lee

About: I'm a software engineer at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Growing up in SoCal I had the advantage of year-round warm weather and close proximity to the Pacific Ocean to indulge in water sports. Now that I live near the San Gabriel Mountains I'm developing terrestrial abilities and learning to climb rocks.

I was immediately hooked on Rock climbing since it's similar to programming in that you approach the problem of climbing up rocks with your body (hardware) to execute algoritms and sequences (software) to solve it. I'm often at the gym working on firmware updates by training core and finger strength or endurance, etc. The gym where I train, Arcadia Rock Climbing, provides a good virtual environment and networking architecture to share beta.

I've also developed a strong interest in cycling thanks to the availability of apps that accurately track performance. Cycling is a platform to combine my passions for athletics and computing. Plus it's a great way to explore new places and I love riding fast.

Favorite Activities: Swimming, Cycling (Road and Mountain), Rock Climbing, Hiking, Running, Cooking, Brushing and Flossing

Role: Website Prime Minister

Favorite Trip: Kayaking, swimming, and spelunking to islands and caves in Culion and Puerto Princesa; Hiking in Lassen National Park.