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Name: Bradley Gorsline

Bradley chilling out in Holcomb

About: I was born in Lake Forest, IL but moved to the booming metropolis of Bristol, WI when I was two. I grew up doing a ton of camping in Wisconsin and some bigger backpacking trips to New Mexico and Wyoming. I also skied on an old landfill that has since been procured by Vail Resorts for some inexplicable reason. Then I went to college at Princeton and led a ton of backpacking trips and finally got into climbing my senior year and haven't turned back. Now I'm at Caltech doing synthetic chemistry because I thought that would be a good idea.

Favorite Activities: Climbing all the things, Shredding the gnar, Being Outside

Incipient Interests: Gardening

Proudest Line: Onsight of Illusion Dweller after 4 months of trad climbing and a bum shoulder

Favorite Lines: Cleopatra's Needle (Devil's Lake), Son of Easy O (The Gunks), Airy Interlude (The Needles), Epinephrine (Red Rocks)