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Mt. Baldy seen from Caltech

Mount Baldy (Mount San Antonio) is the highest mountain in the San Gabriel Mountains and the third-highest in Southern California. A short drive from Caltech, it offers hiking in the summer and opportunities for local mountaineering and both resort and backcountry skiing in the winters.


There are many ways to reach the summit of Baldy. A couple of favorites are described here.

Ski Hut Trail

Iron-Baldy Traverse

Google Earth picture of the Iron-Baldy Traverse


Backcountry Skiing

The Baldy Bowl

See Baldy Bowl Chutes.

San Antonio Ski Hut

The Sierra Club maintains a volunteer-run ski hut below Baldy Bowl.

Mount Baldy Ski Resort

This is by far the closest ski resort to Caltech, and there are often very good deals to be had. However, its proximity to a metropolis and the fact that decent snow is only to be found here a few times a year means its practically impossible to ski good snow here without huge crowds.

Trip Reports

Winter Trip Reports

Also, we've done many practice trips to Mt. Baldy as part of the Sierra winter mountaineering trips (to come on this year's trip, see Winter Trip!)

Other Trip Reports


Since there have been so many trips to Mt. Baldy and it is our favourite local spot for mountaineering practice trips and quick powder-day ski laps, a large number of photo albums have amassed over the years. Find a partial list here: Mount Baldy Multimedia.

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