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For club officers see [[Officers | Officers]]
For club officers see [[Officers | Officers]]
For previous members see [[Previous Members | Previous Members]]
[[Previous Members]]

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Please add yourself to the list.

For Affiliation to Caltech,

  • U for Undergrad student
  • G for Grad student
  • P for Postdoc
  • S for Staff
  • F for Faculty
  • J for JPL
  • J! for JPL & Caltech
  • SS for Summer Student (e.g. SURF)
  • A for Alumni
  • O for Other (e.g. general community members)

For yes/no categories,

  • Y for Yes, and N for No
  • Use a bold Y (the markup for this is '''Y''') to emphasize your favorite activities
  • A for Aspiring (e.g. you want to participate in the activity, but are a beginner)
Member directory
User info Rock Climbing Mountain Climbing Skiing Misc. interests
Name User page Affiliation Following Trad (leading) Sport (leading) Bouldering Hiking Scrambling Technical Ice Resort Backcountry (please describe)
User1 User:User1 G Y Y N Y Y Y Y Y A A Eating
User2 User:User2 G Y Y N Y Y Y Y Y A A Eating

For club officers see Officers

Previous Members