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The Alpine Club has regular carpools to the Hangar 18 Upland Gym. We meet at 6:20 PM in front of Brown Gym on the CIT Campus -- this is near the Caltech Rock Gym. We try to leave at 6:30 exactly (though we don't always manage...). We generally reach by ~7:30 PM and stay until closing time at 10:00 PM. The carpool takes place every Tuesday and Thursday.

Typically there are anywhere from four to seven people though this tends to vary with the term. Newcomers are always welcome but please contact me so that we have an accurate headcount and can make plans for transportation. We will try to accommodate everybody but occasionally, transportation is limited. We are also always on the lookout for more drivers.

If you have any questions, contact Greg Huey

To see a list of other indoor gyms in the area, check out our rock gyms page.

Email List

We now have a dedicated email list to coordinate these carpools. Please join if you'll be using the carpool!

Regular reminders for upcoming carpools (one each for Tuesday and Thursday) are sent out by me in advance with basic information, request for RSVP's, etc...

If you wish to join, go to Alpine Club H18 List.

Background information for newcomers

  • Info on Hangar 18: http://www.climbhangar18.com/ (see all the local rock gyms)
  • The gym has shoes, harnesses, ropes, and gri-gris available for those who need them. One day visiting charge is ~$30 but we may be able to use one of our guest passes for first-timers.
  • For CIT community members: A Tuesday-only membership costs $40 and a week-long membership costs $70 for the entire term (ie. ~3 months).
  • There are lead climbing classes held (free of charge --- other than gym access costs) on Thursdays for people interested in learning how to lead. In addition, the carpool has several regular experienced members who can help people who are new to climbing/leading.
  • There are summary emails sent out regularly on the Alpine Club mailing list (primarily to get a headcount and arrange for transportation) with summary information. If possible, please respond to those in a timely manner (~1 day before the actual carpool) as this makes planning much easier.
  • The information here on Hangar 18 is by no means authoritative. For that, you should talk to the people who run the place and if you would like, I would be happy to put you in touch.

Brown Gym is located here: Google Maps. Hangar 18 Upland is located here: Google Maps