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Cloudripper from the East
Cloudripper from the West
Summit Ridge

The highest peak (13,525') in the Inconsolable Range, East of Bishop Pass/South Lake and North of The Palisades.


East Ridge

A class 2 scramble from 7th lake via the saddle between Cloudripper and Sky Haven, with a few class 3 moves to traverse the summit ridge.

West Chute

Class 3 from Chocolate Lakes, reached via the trail from South Lake. Head past the lakes and to the top of the giant talus pile and up the 'obvious' chute. Near the middle of the chute, take the right fork. Near the top, stay left and arrive on the summit ridge. Head left across some class 2 to the summit. The chute has a lot of loose rock, but is mostly class 2 with a few class 3 steps and a short class 3 slabby section at the top.

Via Vagabond Peak

This route is class 1 from Green Lake and over Vagabond peak. Useful if you don't want to descend one of the other routes (i.e. the loose rocks in the West chute). Without snow, there is a lot of talus to climb above Green Lake.

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