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Sept 2-3

Vito Rubino: Multi-Sport Catalina

August 29

Jon Tesch: Guided Skiing in NZ, Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park

August 26

Cody Finke Mount Whitney, Keeler Needle, and Mount Muir "run", 10hrs 10 min

August 12

Kyle Chen Mount Whitney Trail

Vito Rubino Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim in 13.5 hrs

August 4-6

Aaron Markowitz Langley Loop Tuttle Creek to Cottonwood Lakes

July 14

Julian Jamison The hardrock 100 race, 5 time finisher

July 4

Ashish Goel Langley via the old/new army pass

July 2

Aaron Markowitz The Wong to the Long Climb at Tahquitz

June 25

Hayden Miller Horse Flats by Fair Means or Not At All

May 27

Marie Blatnik: Flood Stage on the Kern

May 16

Ben Broer: Skiing Basin Mountain's East Couloir

May 13

Dustin Lagoy: Skiing the Mt Whitney Trail

May 10-13

Cody Finke: New Variation of the Trans-Sierra Ski Traverse: Wolverton in Sequoia to Whitney Portal

May 3

Cody Finke: Ski Descent of Spook Canyon

April 30

Cody Finke: Skiing the Mendenhall Couloir on Mount Laurel

April 29+30

Alex Phillips: Joshua Tree Bouldering

April 29

Jon Tesch: Skiing the Hole in the Wall

Apr 3

Katha Urmann: A hike with friends from overseas

Mar 18+19

Cody Finke: Pika Peak and "Iva Belle Hot Springs" ski tour

Mar 13

Al Preston: Sierra Descents Crew Skis the West Face of Baldy]

Mar 8 (international Women's Day!)

Cody Finke: Mount Langley North Couloir

Mar 7

Al Preston: Sierra Descents Crew Skis the East Face of Baden Powell]

Feb 25:

Thomas McHenry: Power of Four Ski Mountaineering Race

Feb 11:

Cody Finke: Amora Vida Couloir

Feb 2-4:

Marja Seidel: Mojave Desert Adventure Race

Feb 1:

Bettina Meyer: Pine Creek Couloir

Jan 29:

Elle Chimiak: Strawberry Peak Scramble

Bettina Meyer: Iceberg Lake (Mt. Whitney)

Teddy Albertson: Red Mountain Ski Tour


Nov 28:

Cody Finke: Early Season Ski Tour in Sequoia NP

Nov 3:

Elle Chimiak: J Tree 30th birthday 30 for 30

Oct 15-16:

Bradley Gorsline: Red Rock Trip

Oct 12:

Cody Finke: Vesper Peak Scramble

Oct 8:

Justin Jasper: 50 mile run, Zion National Park

Sept 26:

Cooper Glurp Jasper: 6 mile Hike, San Gabriels

Cody Finke: In Search of CGJ

Sept 17:

Alex Phillips: Grand Canyon Hiking

Justin Jasper: 40 mile Trail Run, San Gabriels

July 3:

Cody Finke: Climb the Hotlum Glacier, Ski the Hotlum Wintum Ridge, Mount Shasta

Feburary 14:

Cody Finke: Skiing Terminal Cancer Couloir


May 31

Cody Finke: Skiing Mount Ritter

May 18

Cody Finke: Skiing the Neutrino Couloir

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