Banff Film Festival 2007

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Caltech hosted a stop on the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour on March 27, 2007 in Ramo Auditorium. The following is the advert from Caltech Events:

Celebrate the spirit of adventure with this annual favorite featuring the world's best films on mountain subjects. The Banff Mountain Film Festival Tour awes viewers with thrills and grandeur captured in exotic locations.

The films shown included:

Anomaly (USA, 2006, 16 min.)

Best of Jo (Canada, 2006, 3min.)

Cayesh - the Calling (USA, 2006, 17 min.)

First Ascent: Didier vs. Cobra (USA, 2006, 25 min.)

First Ascent: Thailand (USA, 2006, 8 min.)

Mission: Epicocity (USA, 2006, 15 min.)

Ride of the Mergansers (USA, 2004, 11 min.)

Roam (Canada, 2006, 18 min.)

Tyrol - Land of the Mountains (Austria, 2001, 10 min.)

Yes to the No (Canada, 2006, 10 min.)

Tickets were $12 in advance, $15 at the door, and $5 for Caltech students.

See [1] for more info.