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Upload your finest examples of Alpine Photography here. This is a general gallery for shots with more than just documentary merit - see Category:Gallery and Category:Trip Reports for more photos. Include only the very best! (A tentative rule of thumb would be less than 1 per month).

If possible, please link to photos hosted externally, say on Flickr or Picasa. See Help:Photos for information on including photos on wiki pages.

Photography Contest 2011 Short List

To be posted soon! See Photography Competition 2011.

More Photos

The High Sierra

By Patrick (more on Flickr): <flickr>5058214135|frame|left|From Bishop Pass, August 2010. It snowed a couple of hours later!</flickr> <flickr>5115924983|frame|left|Mount Tyndall and Mount Williamson on a late fall morning in 2010, from the slopes of Caltech Peak</flickr>

By Stephen: (todo: hyperlinks in captions are not working for Widget:ThumbnailLink, so fix this) {{#widget:ThumbnailLink |target= |src= |width=500 |caption=Booth on the Minaret Traverse in 2008. Full res |align=left }}