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All(the ski film).You.Can. handle.


brought to you by Sherpas Cinema

The shortened version was the finale at this year's Banff Mountain Film Festival tour stop at Caltech, having won the Banff award for "Best Feature-Length Mountain Film." Due to extreme (likely beer-fueled) interest in the segment, the club has decided to purchase the DVD and we're going to have a full-length screening with lots of pizza and, yes, more beer. RSVP below so we can get enough!

Here is a statement about the Sherpas in their own words:

Youthful creativity and originality meets award-winning experience. The use of cutting edge filmmaking techniques, inventive animation and graphic design, intimate character development, and detailed audio design are coupled with years of multifaceted mountain experience and savvy. Our films have been heralded as the best of their kind and have toured the globe with worldwide accolade winning numerous awards.


  • Noyes 147 (door to the parking lot between Noyes and BI will be open)
  • Thursday April 19 2012
  • 7:30pm

We'll have pizza and drinks for those who RSVP! The show will probably start around 8pm.


(Name, pizza toppings, drink preferences)

  1. Erik, veggies, hops
  2. Nick, salad, IPA
  3. Melissa, veggies, non-alcoholic drinks
  4. Patrick, cheese, beer
  5. Eyrun, salad, beer
  6. Erika, anything, not super hoppy!
  7. BG, veggies, beer
  8. Cole, veggies, IPA
  9. Robin, veggies, beer
  10. Pato, anything, anything
  11. Arnar, anything, super hoppy please! :)
  12. Joel, veggies, anything
  13. Emily, no thanks, beer!
  14. Mike, no thanks, beer!
  15. Dan & Dani, prob not, indifferent
  16. Tony, yes, yes
  17. Melodie, veggie, water :) (pending cosmology homework)
  18. Navaneeth, veggies, water
  19. Will (yes and yes)
  20. Alison

(Change of plans)

  1. Rick - regrets, conflict has come up

Actual Turnout: 37 + Sol!

Pizza: 5 large, gone! Need more next time.

Beer: 30, gone!



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