"Trips"/21 September 2019

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The Los Angeles Kayak Club is hosting a beginner weekend of their own on the Rio Bravo section of the Kern River, on September 21-22, 2019: Meeting Time/Place: 8:30 a.m. Saturday, 8:30 a.m. ,Sunday, Kern River (Lake Ming) Campground, Bakersfield, CA (camping available Friday and Saturday nights)

What to bring: Tent, bedroll, meals, water, wetsuit, water socks

For more details and SIGN-UPS, email taminica1 'at' gmail.com.

Unfortunately, your fearless leaders are unable to help out at the Los Angeles Kayak Club beginner weekend. However, you are welcome to borrow the Caltech Paddling Club gear for this event, under the following conditions:

1. You email me at mblatnik 'at' caltech.edu to express interest in going, along with your height and weight.

2. In between August 3 and August 6, you arrange a boat-fitting meeting with either myself or Heather or someone else in the club who understands boat fit. It is at this meeting that you will reserve the equipment for the beginner clinic, as well as learn how to safely transport the boat with your vehicle.

3. You email taminica1 'at' gmail.com and sign up using whatever LAKC wants you to say. You tell them that you are "bringing your own equipment" and pay only $50 instead of the $95.